Anna is currently a Snr. Administrator, GIMPA- Legal and Compliance Unit.

She has also worked in several departments at GIMPA including; Acting Assistant Registrar at the Centre for Management Development managing several programmes ( local and international partners) like Anglogold training, GIMPA- City of London Dental School Diploma Programme, Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT - UK) Partnership programme with GIMPA, GIMPA- West Africa Management Development Institute (MDI) funded by Johnson & Johnson; Administrator at the GIMPA Distance Learning Centre initiated by the World Bank, a global partnership of more than 100 learning centers (GDLN Affiliates) offering the use of advanced information and communication technologies to people working in development around the world.

Anna has completed a Masters in International Relations and Diplomacy; has an LLB, a Post Graduate Certificate in Public Administration and a Bachelors in Social work.

She is a DANIDA Women in Management and Young African Leadership Initiative (YALI) fellow. Anna is a recipient of a YALI Leadership Award (Most Supportive).

Anna is an Advisory Board Member of the Young Africa Works Programme-Master Card Foundation, Executive Secretary to the Board – YALI TV, Co-Founder and Executive Secretary of African Youth Academy (AYA), an Executive Member PLO Mentee Association Worldwide and the Deputy Director (Administration) Prof Lomumba Mentee Association Ghana Chapter.  

Anna aspires to be an international advocate, lead change initiatives in human rights, and be involved in strategic decisions that affect her community ; using the knowledge and skills obtained over the years to influence and equip younger people; aspiring them to achieve their goals in life.