Our Projects & Programmes


Through the SHE-VET project, we enhance the capacity building of women and youth in Ghana through vocational education training such as agribusiness, dressmaking, technology, craft, catering and more.

Trainees also receive entrepreneurial and business modelling training to equip them to setup and manage their businesses.

The project also retains 40% of trainees in the SHE -VET hub where they will be employed to render their services to institutions and the general public. The project which targets all 16 regions in Ghana, classifies its target group into various groups based on their respective challenges and capacities.

Educational Empowerment Souvenir

Educational Empowerment Souvenirs (EES) are produced by young women in Ghana as a fund raising project to help them continue their education to pursue their dreams through their innovative product.


The W3 is an annual transformative program specifically designed to empower high school girls to develop leadership skills, learn to empower themselves and hear from all-star lineup of female leaders and successful entrepreneurs. The summit which is under the leadership of Winnifred Selby, an award-winning social entrepreneur has the core goal of empowering young women to break the shells of cultural limitation and impact the world through capacity building.

The summit brings together over one thousand girls from various senior high schools to experience thought provoking, exciting exhilarating girl leadership training, grooming and motivation specially prepared and facilitated by influential women, female professionals from academia and around the world


The project focuses on aquaculture fish farming as a sustainable way of raising funds to promote education (SDG 4) as it is estimated that 60% of the fish, we eat in Ghana is imported.

Following the high cost of educational materials which has made it virtually impossible for most families to afford quality education, the FISH.ME.2. SCHOOL project seeks to promote quality education by supplying on regular basis educational materials to the education sector and school children in deprived comunities.

We have supplied and distributed over 10,000 educational materials in deprived communities within three regions (Northern region, Ashanti region and the Eastern region) in Ghana.

Through the FISH.ME.2. SCHOOL project, we have created sustainable jobs for women and inhabitants of communities as the demand for fish consumption in Ghana is continuously on the increase to finance the operations of W3. The project has also created jobs for women with primary or no education at all by employing them at the aquaculture farms.


We work to fight against global issues such as childlabour, sexual abuse, early childhood and children who are deprived of their right to primary education between the age of 5-15 years.

We identify and and rescue vulnerable children from deprived communities in Ghana by providing them with the needed support to get them primary education without restriction. Our Gem-Kids are special, children with exceptional IQ and are talented. We connect our Gem-Kids to foster organization, individuals who are interested in fostering a child’s education in Africa. W3 has helped foster more than 150 children through Our Foster Gem-Kids project, we call them “Gem-Kid” because they are gifted children and to us, they are precious, valuable and unique and we see in them what ordinary people cannot see..

Help us touch more life, by supporting us with logistics, resources, funds and volunteering to make a difference.

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